2018 Conference content and quick Links

ANother wonderful Weekend to learn, Share and Connect!

ABC’s of Blood, Bone Marrow and Bone by Dr. Bonilla
Living with (and without) Neutropenia by Dr. Newburger
Our Favorite Cell by Dr. Newburger
Integrative Therapies by Dr. Bonilla
Genetic Testing by Dr. Dale
Bone Marrow Transplant Information by Dr. Connelly
The SCNIR Registry – Past, Present, Future by Dr. Dale
Q and A with Audrey Anna by Audrey Anna Boylard, RN
You Don’t Look Sick by Mara Lim

2015 Conference Highlights

The SCNIR—How it Works and How to Make it Work for You

Audrey Anna Bolyard RN, Clinical Manager SCNIR

Life Management for Those Who Live with Chronic Neutropenia

Audrey Anna Bolyard RN Clinical Manager SCNIR

Kristin McGuinness Shares the Story of her Journey with Congenital Neutropenia

Kristin McGuinness

Olivia Schroeder Shares the Story of her Journey with Cyclical Neutropenia

Olivia Schroeder

My Beloved Neutrophil

Laurence Boxer MD

The Registry–Past, Present and Future

David Dale MD

Living with (and without) Neutropenia

Peter Newburger, MD

Integrative Medicine Therapies for Better Living with Neutropenia

Galie Jean-Louis LAC EAMP RYT

2014 Conference Highlights

Look below for the presentations and resources that were shared during the conference!

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