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Junior Ambassador Program

As we all know, Neutropenia is very rare which makes it often times an unknown medical condition in our communities. This can make it difficult for children and their families to find appropriate medical care and peer support.  In addition, rare diseases are not as commonly funded for research to help in the advancement of diagnosis and treatment to allow for cutting edge medical management.

Our children have a rare opportunity to turn their Neutropenia journey into something positive.  By becoming involved in community outreach, education and fundraising, our hope is that children with Neutropenia will discover an upside, if you will, to what they have been given in life.  We hope that they will not only learn to advocate for themselves and others, but that they will also help to define the role Neutropenia will play in their lives instead of allowing their Neutropenia to define it for them. Additionally, we hope they will gain a sense of pride in making a difference in their Neutropenia community.

High School age or younger children with Neutropenia who have met the indicated qualifications and submitted the application are eligible to be a Junior Ambassador.

The term for a Junior Ambassador will be one year (September 1 of the current year- August 31 of next year, so as to correspond with the school year) and will be based upon the qualifying activities that occurred in the year immediately prior to the start of the new Junior Ambassador term.

The application deadline for each new term will be August 15th.

Click here for complete guidelines & application.

Thank you for your consideration. Good luck!

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