Activities for All Ages

Home Activities for Kids of all Ages

As we are all overwhelmed by the COVID 19, one of our volunteers made a list of activities to participate in during the current health crisis.

  1. Talk to your children: It is important to talk to your children about COVID 19.

Drawing cartoons for your children or coloring cartoons of virus and showing how COVID 19 has affected people. Here are some examples to watch as well:

    • Cartoon watching, search for children videos related to 19.
    • Teach them to wash hands by being funny or singing a song while washing hands,
  1. Karaoke night- Both children and parents should gather to sing and dance.
  2. Household chores- Small cleaning activities such as Sanitizing an area or doing some spring-cleaning activities (cleaning of their shelves or closets), cutting vegetables or engage them during cooking, baking a pizza or homemade cakes.
  3. Mask making- Search for places over the internet and see which places are offering mask making kit so children understand the importance of masks and learn how to make it. Please note that some will not provide the same protection as healthcare masks. 
  1. Educational resources for daily and remote learning sources: Khan academy is one of the best learning sources for all age groups, offers free and fun education for all age groups from basic to the higher level. Search for other remote learning sites that will really help.
  1. Board games, cards, or word games with family and friends- Chutes and Ladders, Uno, or Monopoly.
  2. Yoga and Exercises- It is the most essential part that will help-Making efforts to exercise 30 mins every day. There are many free options on YouTube for you and your family to check out.
  3. Book reading- Read a book that interest you.
  4. Drawing and coloring, arts and crafts activities.
  5. Watch a documentary or a movie.
  6. Learn a new skill or language.
  7. Learn new words: try learning a new one each day with your family members.
  8. Meditation-30 minutes with spa music. There are apps available as well for meditation or mindfulness.
  9. Watch funny videos to laugh.
  10. Listen to music- Listening to your favorite music.
  11. Journal writing- Practicing gratitude and write about what you have learned.
  12. Writing- Write a story, share a story to your friend, write an email or message to your friend and express, make a greeting card and share a greeting card with seniors.
  13. Take a walk- Take a walk in the neighborhood and play a game that with keep you at six feet from each other.
  14. Volunteer- Help someone with food and essential commodities, see who needs help (Aging or hospice).
  15. Write an essay to improve your skills.
  16. Talk to someone whom you have not spoken with via phone or video conferencing.
  17. Speak to your teacher, especially if you need clarification or help with homework assignments.
  18. Speak to your doctor or call your local crisis line if you are anxious or have mental health concerns.
  19. Watch a cooking show for a new food recipe or make your own cookbook for your recipes.
  20. Watch and learn a new culture.
  21. Learn to use computers or other skill.
  22. Doing your homework with your friend remotely for support.

Thank you, Monisha, for providing the National Neutropenia Network with this great list!

Monisha Kandala
COVID 19 support
Patient support Committee Member
National Neutropenia Network


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