Maison was diagnosed with severe Neutropenia in July 20 21 after returning from a recent trip to the beach. He was hospitalized three times in July 20 21 with high fevers and viral infection he has been receiving GCSF injections and continues to get labs 2 to 3 days per week. His ANC is very low without the injection. We have had 2nd opinion and was negative for phone Bone marrow failure panel. We will receive another bone marrow biopsy and aspirate in July 2022.


Untreated since 2018 only told in 2021 has has three pulmonary embolisms. She is always ill. She's looking for support

Juan Sebastián Cely Jiménez

Desde su nacimiento hasta el momento la mayor parte de su vida ha estado en hospitales todo el tiempo, por su enfermedad tiene poco contacto con la gente, hace poco empezamos el tratamiento con filgastrim que afortunadamente está funcionando. Manteniéndolo estable.

Translation: From his birth until now, most of his life he has been in hospitals all the time, due to his illness he has little contact with people, recently we started the treatment with Filgastrim which fortunately is working. Keeping it stable.

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