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There are a variety of supportive therapies; only the most important are addressed below:

  • Mouth Care: This should include regular dental check ups. Excellent oral hygiene is very important and the use of an antibacterial mouthwash is recommended.
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations: People with SCN have an intact immune system that allows them to make normal antibodies protecting from the devastating effects of viral illnesses. Therefore all routine immunizations according to the standard vaccination schedule of your country are recommended.
  • Monitoring Temperature: If you have a fever above 38.5°C/101.3°F you must seek medical attention.
  • General Hygiene: This includes thorough hand washing and attention to scrapes and cuts on the skin.
  • Oral Prophylaxis: Antibiotics/antifungals, either oral or intravenous, may be given to SCN patients but this is very much based on individual physician choice.
  • Prompt Contact of Hospital / Clinic: It’s important to have the contact telephone numbers of your physician and clinic.
  • Foreign Travel: Travel is an option but should always be considered with the counsel of your physician.

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